Turtle Shapes

The turtle in the middle of the screen looks strange however it is very important in MicroWorlds

The shape can be changed to trees, flowers, tractors, the sun and many more. These shapes can then be added to our scene.

Shapes are like costumes for the turtle. The turtle can wear any shape and it can come in a variety of sizes. There are many pre-defined shapes or you can make and add your own custom shapes.

To select the turtle's shape, open the Shapes Center by clicking on the :

A range of shapes will be displayed, and more are available by clicking on the scroll bar. There are approximately 50 pre-defined shapes available.

To assign a shape to a turtle click on a shape, then click on the turtle (on the page). Note, you can also design your own shapes.

 An easy way to decorate the page is to change the turtle's shape and stamp it. This is done as follows:

Select the tree shape

Click on the Turtle


Select the magnifier


Select the stamper tool

Click on the turtle to stamp it

drag the turtle

You may want a forest in your scene. To stamp the same shape a number of times, use the stamper to to drag the turtle with its shape to a new location and click on it again to stamp it.

+ + + + +

Click, drag. Click, drag.....

It may be more convenient to have images in your scene that you can move. For instance a house looks fine in one place, but once you add a jeep or tractor, you'd like to move the house. Instead of stamping the turtle's shape, you can create (hatch) a new turtle, and turn it into a house.

MicroWorlds can have many turtles (as many as one hundred).

You can create a moveable scene, by "hatching" turtles and changing their shapes.

Leave the Shapes Center open and then..... 

Pick the hatching turtle tool from the Tool Palette


Hatch the turtle by clicking on the page


Pick a shape require, in this example we use the Jeep.


Double click on the new turtle to change it into its new costume or shape.


Pick a shape from the Shapes Center, then select the "hatching" turtle. Double-click on the page and you have a new turtle with its new costume.

Save your Project in preparation for the next stage, Animating Your Scene.


Last Update: 22-Oct-2006