Intermediate Project

Major Project



  1. It must have at least 4 pages
  2. Page1 "A drive in the country"
    Page1 is to be a country scene with a winding road that your turtle (a car) travels along.
    This page must link to page2.
  3. Page2 "Bouncing cars"
    Page2 is to show at least one car bouncing between walls.
    This page must have a link to page3
  4. Page3 "The great escape"
    Page3 must show a maze with a button set up which will cause the car to enter the middle of the maze and then escape without touching any walls.
    It should have an outer colour which when it touches this announces "Free at last"
    This page must link to page4
  5. Page4 "Expanding cars" This page must have more than one turtle of which one must be a car that moves and gets bigger and smaller.
    This page must link back to page1.

    This project will take a little while to complete so please ensure that you save the project regularly.

    When completed please have it checked off and then you will be ready to commence the Advanced Level of MicroWorlds.

Created by Geoff Adcock
Last Update: 22-Oct-2006