Adding a New Page to a Project


Select New Page from the Pages menu.

Add a button with the instruction page1 at the bottom of this page.

When you click on this button you should go to page 1. Add a button to page 1 with the instruction page2

Keep adding pages until you have 6 pages in your project.

On page 1 create buttons to go to each of these pages.

On each of the other pages have buttons to go to page 1

Changing how the pages turn

You can change how the pages are enetered by first going to the page you want to change and then selecting Transitions on the Pages menu.

On the previous project with 6 pages, go to page1 and then select Transitions from the Pages menu. Select the transition required then move to another page and go back to page one to see the effect.

Save your project, have your teacher check you work and you are now ready to bounce Turtles off Colours. (Programming Colours).


Created by Geoff Adcock
Last Upate: 22-Oct-2006