Advanced Level Project

Create a new project with the following features plus any you would like to add yourself.

  1. A Startup Page
  2. The project should automatically open to this page and run a series of demonstrations. It should also display a menu to allow you to select which page you want to go to.

  3. A conversation page
  4. This page should allow the user to have a conversation and be linked back to the startup page.

  5. A Geometry page
  6. This page is to have a series of buttons so that the user can choose between at least 7 geometric shapes which when selected should be drawn. A clear graphics command (clear) would be useful here.

  7. A Race Track
  8. This page shows the two horse race created earlier.

  9. Your own choice of page
  10. Create a page that shows some of the features that you have mastered.

  11. Transition Effects
  12. All pages should be linked using transition effects.



Created by Geoff Adcock
Last Update: 04-Dec-2006