Startup procedure

You can program your project to carry out a series of commands as soon as your project is opened using a procedure called startup. Note: Presentationmode removes the menu bars so that your project becomes a presentation. The Menus can be accessed by clicking where the menus would be if you could see them. Clickon has the same effect as clicking on the turtle.

Write the following startup procedure, save, exit and then reopen your project to test whether it works. Make sure you have 5 turtles named t1 to t5. t1 and t2 should have an instruction such as buzzbee.

to startup
    setbg "red
    t1, clickon
    t2, clickon
    t3, launch [bigstar]
    t4, launch [cylinder]
    t5, launch [spiral]

The list of instructions is entirely up to your creativity.

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Created by Geoff Adcock
Last Update: 04-Dec-2006